LifeSkills In The Now…Unplugged (4/1/09)

12 Responses to “LifeSkills In The Now…Unplugged (4/1/09)”

  1. Man, I’m bummin’. Computer problems, I couldn’t stream in, was on the phone with tech support til just before you were done with tonight’s LifeSkills, Bishop. I got connected just as you said “Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD”. Wow…..that was a Word HE gave me in a situation and yes, to KNOW is a verb…… took me DOING the being STILL and KNOWING…………and BAM !! – HE delivered in a big way. It took until completion of the situation almost two more years………and ME being STILL is really an unlikely thing ( HE knows this, HE made me…….what’s up ?HA) THAT Psalm is on a ceramic tile that sits in the room of the child that it was about.

    I KNOW everyday…………..

    So, while I may have missed tonight’s session, I believe I got connected near the end, to be reminded of just what HE may have wanted me to hear again. SO, Thank You, for your delivery of it.

    Northern Light

  2. Last night was the most intimate connection with Father’s perfect love that I can think of from any service. Everything you have done and said from the onset of announcing Bishop Paulk’s death through last night has been the right thing to do and will be the healing balm for the greater part of those most effected by his ministry no matter if their perception of it is good or bad. I’ve read psalm 46 many times and heard it quoted often but it has never impacted me as it did last night. From “God is our refuge… to …the God of Jacob is our refuge (KJV) everything enclosed in those statements gives comfort and relieves fear by expounding on the powerful might of Love to abolish every perception of evil. Many people have expressed a desire to wrap you and your family up in protective arms but what each of us are experiencing is the spiritual goodness of the Holy Spirit working on your behalf in a greater way than we can. Your acknowledgement of God as our refuge by using this scripture is a blessing to me.
    All who are still and watch will see God’s joy delivered in strength by Holy Spirit.

  3. Listening to the still and small voice…wise, learned, gut-level object-lesson in place advice. Thanks, Bishop.

  4. I can not count how many times GOD has told me warned me to not do something that I did anyway! Thank God I am more aware of that voice now, not that I always listen to it! Last nights service had me in tears and I have not been moved like that since going thru the storm that started when we brought home Zac. Thank you for being so open and human Bishop! Thanks for the reminder to be STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD! I always seem to forget that while in the storm and waste so much time and energy listening to the nay sayers and worrying over everything.
    Please know I am praying for you and your family.

  5. Does anyone know if last night’s service is available for downloading? I need to hear it! Meanwhile the WORD “Be still” is all I need for everything that’s freaking me out right now.

  6. Jules,

    I don’t know about downloading, but you can order a cd or dvd of it. I did today.


  7. Jules you’ll have to check the online store to see if it is available for MP3. I am sure it is. I’d do it myself but don’t know how to back up my purchase and have lost ebooks pics etc… so am still old school when it comes to downloading. Just go to the CITN site and store etc… and check to see if it is available yet

  8. Bishop,
    I’m on the same line, same page as the message you spoke last night! CITN is my lifeline. Such words of life for such a time as this!
    So much shifting, changing pruning, ….
    The microphone statement you made is so true! It’s my season of being still…
    I even wrote that on my blog, last month.

  9. All services available in CD format are available as a downloadable MP3. Because of the conversion process, it may take the product a few days to appear on the online store.

    Once you purchase the MP3, you can download it to your player, listen on your computer or save it to your computer.

    Contact the CITN webmaster if anymore assistance is required.


  10. Thanks y’all. From what I’ve read in your comments, I have the answer about obtaining a copy of the program, but more importantly, God answered my BIG question with “Be still and KNOW that I am God”! That’s all I really need to know right now!

  11. GOT my CD today of this LifeSkills, unplugged. I usually order DVD’s, but for some reason I was inclined to order a CD………and man, was the audio alone POWERFUL

    To listen so intently, I could hear every breath, every word, every silence. Although it goes without saying, I would love the ability to be ITB,( but unless I get my own airplane, those trips just can’t happen so often. haha) I so enjoyed the relaxing and just listening.

    GOD knew the “skill” and “sense” I needed to use to get the most of the night’s experience, and I believe that was it.

    Powerful word and glad to finally have shared in the whole thing, as computer problems allowed me to stream just at the end Wednesday night!\



  12. oh……….and I had to laugh right out loud, Bishop… mentioned “Godfather”…and I had seen it on AMC Channel that night, too !


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