7 Power-Steps to Staying Motivated

1. Make the most of your “Enthusiasm Honeymoon.”

Typically, when you start something new, it’s fun and exciting, and during its initial phase it’s impossible to see that your enthusiasm for it will ever fade. But for most of us, the euphoria will eventually subside, so go ahead and prepare yourself for this possibility, mentally. If you plan ahead, and even expect a letdown, you’ll be better prepared to persist when it happens.

2. Manage Your Progress by Breaking it Down

Big goals are desirable, but if you set too many of them, you can begin to feel overwhelmed by your own vision. You’ll find it easier to break down big goals into smaller ones that you can achieve much quicker. The smartest way to achieve your goals is to set doable ones, and meet them on a daily basis.

3. Measure Your Results

Measuring your results will keep you pushing for improvement. Without metrics you don’t know where you stand. Without measurements, you are more likely to lose focus and interest. The lyrics to the old gospel song that says, “We’re not what we’re gonna be…but we’re not what we used to be!” tap into this concept very well.

4. Motivate Your Mind by Making it Enjoyable

Follow your bliss to success! A surefire way to fail is to make working on goals drudgery. It has to be fun, or you’re likely to quit. Develop a plan that keeps it enjoyable, in whatever way your mind perceives fun.

5. Maturely Accept Your Negative Feelings as Natural

The bottom line is that fear, anger, sadness, and even feelings of depression are felt universally. Don’t believe for a second that people who achieve their goals don’t have these feelings. They definitely do. It’s natural to get down…you just have to deal with it and push forward. Act in spite of your negative feelings, because if you start to get angry or depressed, quitting won’t relieve these feelings, it will intensify them. The only surefire way to relive these feelings is to act in spite of them. Don’t repress them. It’s healthier to feel them fully and move on.

6. Maintain Momentum by Rewarding Yourself

When you work toward a long-term goal, it is difficult to see the benefits years down the road. Some of your goals may take 5-10 years or more to achieve, so to maintain progress, it is important to reward yourself along the way. Give yourself a reward for your continuous effort toward your goal, not just for successful results. Simply making an honest effort is reason enough to celebrate yourself!

7. Move Forward by Committing To Work On Your Goal Every Day

It’s important to have at least one major goal to which you are committed. Every day, review what actions you have taken to achieve that goal, and make it a habit by forcing yourself to review your progress every day for 21 days in a row. The old Chinese proverb says “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step”. If you just make a step every day, you’ll eventually reach your destination!

8 Responses to “7 Power-Steps to Staying Motivated”

  1. YEP…………another Good Word ! Motivation………keep on keepin’ on !

    When you spoke of not always seeing what someone else likes, etc. made me think of a quote one of my kids’ teacher is known for. It goes along with not agreeing with or not understanding what someone else enjoys, etc.

    She likes to say “Don’t yuck my yum”.

    Northern Light

  2. By far the best…or maybe it’s just a word for me. Anyone who missed being ITB..get the DVD!! Had us all cracking up on #5…It’s natural to get down…(belly laughing on that one) Glad 2 know its ok to have feelings. Left me feeling very energized!! I love your stories you add; even if we have or haven’t heard them.
    ~Thanks, much appreciated.~ L.W.

    –Peace, Love, Dream Big, & Keep Believing–

    *Topic I would like to hear/ Parenting

  3. #7…I liked (paraphrased) “reward yourself for making progress, not just when you meet a goal”. Something relaxed in me. It is sometimes a challenge to explain how a word is growing or doing its sword-like work…but it truly does not return void.

  4. I have had an onagain/offagain relationship with to do lists. I’ve even found some lying around that ALL have the same uncrossed off thing on them! What’s that all about? Do I just want to feel lousy? So, Bishop, I was inspired by your recent mention of Mary Kay’s “list of 6” that she does every day [a concept that had originally seemed too regimented!]. But, there was energy in it and I have been tweaking a “permanent list” that, for me, appears to be passing the motivation test.

    Mostly I’m motivated by flow…where’s the energy? But, there always seemed to be those “things to do” sitting there, with all of their boring or I don’t know how to do it, make me feel yuck because I STILL haven’t done it baggage.

    Here’s my list of seven:
    1-check in with God…whatever that means for that particular day…variety…yay!
    2-exercise at least 5 minutes…somehow this mental agreement works. If its only five, like you said, at least its five, and a tiny goal was met. Often its the jump that’s needed for a decent workout. Even better.
    3-add at least 1 thing to a gratitude list…nuff said.
    4-organize one thing…same as 2 above.
    5-prioritize top 3 home list…was it Carnegie that you said makes a list at the end of the day of the five things that need to be done the next day, then prioritize? In the past, I’ve made mine discouragingly long, so I’m trying just 3.
    6-prioritize top 5 work list
    7-go with the flow

    So far, so good.

  5. Good morning, These teachings are very important for all of us. They apply to our whole life as well as one in pursuit of a successful carreer. It would have been great if many of us as far in our journey as I am to have had this advantage at an earlier age. What you have done by moving the youth service to Thursday nights is divine wisdom. The youth of CITN now have an advantage that few other churches offer them. They can choose to gain wisdom at a young age by taking in little jewels like “It’s healthier to feel them fully and move on” from number five about dealing with negative feelings. This can make a major difference in success. I could not and would not want to count the times that young people give up on something because they think others do not experience thoughts of failure the way they do. We really are all in the same type vessel. Learning how to handle that vessel in calm and stormy seas and navigate it to its destination is key to early success in life. Thank you again for all you and your staff do to promote the people of CITN.

  6. Boy did I need this word! I am usually organized and scheduled. Typical type A stuff. I had gotten off the path and couldn’t seem to get back on track with everything going on the last few months. Wow after hearing just part of Lifeskills wed night I managed to get several things done and it feels so good to not feel overwelmed and buried. I just want to jump right in this morning and see how much more can get accomplished today to free me up to get creative again and feel like who I really am and not the imposter that has been living here!!!!! Thanks Bishop for such a timely word in the perfect season!!!

  7. Lisa……………
    PROVE IT ~
    GET IN THE CAR>>>>>>>>>drive North 2 hours…………COME HELP ME ! haha


  8. This tool was just what I needed on this rainy day that the Lord has made.

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