7 Power-Steps to Effective Stress Management

1. Flow with your own natural ability to heal yourself.

Stress is internal, which explains why it can wreak havoc on your health, so anything and everything that you to do in an effort to improve your health is valuable and worthwhile. Drinking lots of water, breathing deeply, exercising (even a little exercise is better than no exercise at all) a healthy diet, regular sleep, minimal caffeine or alcohol intake, no smoking…all the obvious things…are important and necessary to stress relief, and stress management. Even in the 21st century, this is the most sophisticated, up to the minute, cutting edge science available!

2. Free yourself by getting organized.

Stress feels awful…it’s the sense that you’re not in control. The easiest way to lessen its effect in your life is to take charge of the one and only thing you have the power to control…YOU! And that includes letting go of what you can’t control. The problem with being surrounded by physical clutter is that it reminds us of the things that need to be done, and that constant reminder is stressful. Remove your physical clutter and you’ll eradicate your mental clutter, plus you’ll automatically feel energized.

3. Fearlessly set boundaries in your relationships.

Stress will control your life if (and only if) you let it, so you have to take responsibility for protecting yourself. There is a difference between limits and boundaries. Living a “NO LIMITS” lifestyle creates possibilities, but existing in a “NO BOUNDARIES” world is a sure way to dangerously over-stress yourself! Boundaries serve as filters to keep you safe from the stress-causing behavior of others, while allowing in the love, support and nurturing actions we all need. Set your own personal boundaries by: (a) determining what others cannot do to you or in your presence and (b) sharing this information respectfully with anyone who is stepping over one of your boundaries. And learn to embrace the power of saying “no”!

4. Faithfully and regularly take time for yourself.

Stress can be scheduled out of your life if you understand the importance of taking “me-time”. Put together a list of all the things you love to do, but haven’t regularly made time to do. Then put your list in priority order, and enter the top five to seven items into your daily calendar. Your list may include things as simple as journaling, reading, walking, yoga, etc., but you’ll be much more successful getting to these activities when you give them a time and place on your calendar.

5. Face everything with a positive attitude.

Stress is a killer, but attitude is stronger than the power of stress. William James, the father of modern psychology said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.” In other words, what you say and what you tell yourself impacts the present and creates the future. Your perception ultimately becomes your reality, and you have the ability to choose , every day, the way that you perceive or see things.

6. Find a career or line of work that you love.

Stress in small, manageable portions is actually helpful to job performance, but you can’t manage that stress if you live daily in a negative environment. If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your waking hours at work, so you have to know that you’re on the right career path. You’ll know that you’re in the right profession when you wake up anxious to go to work…when you want to do your best daily…and you know that your work is important and meaningful.

7. Fully surround yourself with a supportive community.

Stress is no match for the power of connectivity. On many levels, you are who you spend time with, so hang out with people who love and accept you for you…people who like you just the way you are…people who are interested in you, and not in what you can do for them…people who lift you up, not wear you down. Solve problems quickly if you can. Refuse to gossip. Break the habit of complaining. Know how to have fun. Laugh a lot. Anything is possible with the right support, and by taking control of your life within the context of a supportive community, external or outside things will change in response to your internal changes.

7 Responses to “7 Power-Steps to Effective Stress Management”

  1. Thank you, Bishop Swilley, for your wonderful series on Life Skills In The Now. Each one is so timely, so needed and so very much appreciated. Keep talkin – we’re listenin; and watching and reading and taking notes and printing and pondering all your insightfully wonderful messages. Also, thank you, Bishop, for bringing much needed laughter to the table; we feast on it and are joyfully filled with the Love of God.
    You’re ‘insightfully wonderful’ and so is our Little Debye. God has blessed you, indeed! God continue to bless you and keep you in all of His Ways for He reveals how wonderful they each are through you all at Church In The Now.

  2. Bishop,

    Your number one point on this teaching really struck me because I’ve been thinking about this type of thing for a while.

    I think if someone can find an eating lifestyle that their minds can connect to, then the body can line up with it which will lead to progress and a sustainable action towards optimal health. That is the problem with most diets because people start them but are not doing it in the right mindset as you mentioned last night.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to sound like an expert here as I’ve struggled with weight for a great deal of my life. But, I feel like I’m getting a better grip on it and being in covenant with certain members of our congregation has helped me with that tremendously.

    God bless you, Bishop

  3. Love the redecorating! Do you hire out? Just kidding…well, maybe only a little.

    Anyway, a swing like that on the beach…mmm…pleasant peaceful no-stress sigh. Thanks for the visualization!

    #2. I LOVE organizing! But your message last night and the phrase “reminds us of the things that need to be done” pointed out that a habit I have has outlived its usefulness. I leave out projects “to remind me” they need to be done. Hello? A list could do the same thing and reduce the “clutter”. I keep them neat…just “out”…but its time for the “mess stress” to go and it occurs to me that maybe some of them are in the urgent, but not important category anyway. Thanks, my Shepherd!

  4. I have to say #5 is the one to me that encompasses all the others in this list. If you can maintain that positive outlook no matter what you will always have what you expect. Not to cross blogs but that is what 20/20 is about and I know from personal experience that getting into a negative mindframe only adds stress and more negativity. Stay positive and you see positive. See positive and you will be positive; and stress-free is positive.

  5. Bishop,

    Can’t say enough about the Wednesday night classes (I feel like they’re classes, although they still certainly are Services in church) What a combo!

    Last week it was decisions……and I made one. This week Stress Management-Reduction and the picture of the guy in the hammock by the ocean…PERFECTly reminding me.

    You see…..the decision was a trip to Hawaii. Ocean and sand and peace,,,,here I come. Soon.

    I can’t wait to see what your NEXT weeks topic is. Traveling on a shoe-string ?? haha

    Seriously…………..good stuff……….and I hope you work it out for the home-group idea……cause I am your MI connection.

    Northern Light

  6. Good Message
    Much Needed
    Need To Visit The River For That Is Where Stress Flows Away

  7. I feel so much better after reading this!!! #3, 5,6,7 or how about it all! Just the perfect word at the perfect time! Thank you for posting them here as I’ve been missing the streaming lately. =( Can’t wait to get back because I miss the humor and laughter! ~Peace

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