1. Decide daily to project confidence and self-esteem.

Whether you realize it or not, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so look others directly in the eye and greet them with a smile. The sowing and reaping principle is constantly in effect, so make it work for you in this way…give a smile/receive a smile…give a positive greeting/receive a positive greeting.  This habit projects a sense of self-confidence. Your posture, bearing, gestures, and gait, tell others (and your own nervous system) that you are a confident person. Body language actually communicates confidence in a much more powerful way even than words. This is more than just the basic “fake it ’til you make it”…when you act confident you become confident!

2. Discipline your conversation to reinforce your confident image.

If you want to be respected, you must appear respectable, so when meeting someone new, always give them your name (including over the phone). Leading with a personal introduction underscores the feeling that you respect yourself, and that they should pay attention to what you have to say. Once you have established and adopted a confident manner, don’t let your words tear down what your actions have built up!

3. Don’t be afraid to accept a compliment.

Minimizing expressions of honor from others is not a sign of humility, it’s just rude and insulting to the person paying you the compliment. Instead of trying to sidestep or downplay a good word, be gracious and appreciative. Giving plays an important role in life, but so does receiving. Being able to accept from others provides them with an opportunity to experience the joy of giving. A sign of solid self-esteem is being able to show genuine appreciation for a gift or compliment. Just saying “thank you” is usually the appropriate response!

4. Deny yourself the luxury of self-promotion.

Bragging comes from a lack of self-confidence and a desire for external approval, but genuine modesty is a characteristic of someone who is secure with who they are. Everyone wants and needs attention…it’s a valid desire that comes from God. But people who constantly brag are calling attention to themselves in an unhealthy way, because they don’t feel worthy of respect!

5. Direct every conversation toward the positive.

You can change your life simply by changing your speech patterns. Avoid turning your problems into everyone else’s problems, and don’t make problems the centerpiece of your conversation. Talk up your life and the lives of those around you. Train yourself to instinctively move away from negative thinking. When you are tempted to criticize or complain (and complaining can become addictive, if not checked), find a way to re-direct your thought process!

6. Destroy doubt with positive action.

Everyone’s confidence gets rocked from time to time…it’s a normal and universal experience.  But dwelling on difficulties and disappointments will only make things worse for you. The best antidote for doubt is to increase your level of productive activity. When your self-confidence is under fire, don’t over-analyze the situation…just do something! When you are busy taking action, your mind will be focused on solutions instead of problems!

7. Dare to see everything as an opportunity.

 When you choose to see setbacks as opportunities, your whole perspective shifts toward the positive. If you fail to produce your intended result (as everyone does from time to time), then you should know that it’s just time to adjust your course. It is not a reflection of your value as a person, so don’t take it personally or let it tamper with your self-esteem. When you think confidently, you will act confidently. And when you act confident, you will become confident!


  1. Seeing who you can be and not seeing what the world sees is a challenge. I have always seen myself much better than I look right now and I am changing the outward but it has brought out an negative inward image I have hidden. I try to hide emotions I feel like a struggling butterfly. I know I will emerge as the beautiful butterfly I know is hidden in me. Just as I know those who are going through the same situation I am will break free of their cocoon & fly. Bishop thank you for noticing me tonight. It is amazing how a couple words can boost someones ego. When people have torn you down since you were a preteen. Words can be good and words can be weapons. I am now hearing good words and It is helping blow the negative out the way. I am saying this because I know so many women need to know they are not alone. Fitness centers are great for getting in shape but if you don’t get to the reason for the gain some will slip back into the hard life once again. Seeing a new life , Changing the person in the mirror,& Looking for the person Gods called us to be. It’s all about vision. To go out on a limb I have always seen myself as a singer,dancer or an actress. I love to write poetry & words to songs. One day my inner dreams I pray I will see. For now I just want all the Big Beautiful Women know They can Break all the Words (WEAPONS) of disgrace for the Father Loves Them and that’s all that matters. There is no disgrace in His eyes only Grace.
    He Loves us for who we are. When we love each other with that same love what a great world we would see.
    Thanks once again for the message

  2. Thank you for being sooo enlighting to us. I felt very blessed by your message last night. I have been dealing with a few issues of my own lately and have sometimes been a little down and very self consious about it. I have been trying to be a stewart of my words esspecially about myself and sometimes I have not been so good at that. Tonight I felt energized and refreshed and ready to take on the world again. Life became good and because I can be like David and encourage myself again the night ended very well so again THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND AND SPIRITUAL TEACHER.

  3. Good word

  4. Thanks Bishop for the words on self-confidence, I needed that. A lot of good word there.
    And welcome back again from the Phillipines.

  5. I really intended to say much more than good word on 2/5 and did but it got wiped out somehow and I was pressed for time.

    It is a good word. Reggie mentioned something about David encouraging himself that caused me to think over that kind of confidence. David gained confidence by experience and later by education that he got from Prophets and wise teachers but most important was his anointing. It was the anointing that gave him the confidence to slay the giant who was mocking the God of his people and striking fear into them.

    Someone once wrote a great song titled, It’s the Anointing that Makes the Difference. That gifted man of God is absolutly correct.

  6. Thanks so much for adding the LifeSkills blog site with your already super busy schedule!!!

    Thank you for teaching it in such a way that is simply that lets us know exactly what we/I need to do and that it is accomplishable!

    These teachings are for such a time as this in my life and many others lives!!! These are practical teachings that can help us to walk in life, love and victory in the NOW of our lives! So very very wonderful!

    I see another book!=)

  7. love all these new blogs, I will have to put links to them in my blog


  8. Bishop,
    Confidence-One Behavior at a Time….I lov e the post today, especially #6. This weekend rather than doubting about a very stressful situation I chose to not analyze the it and focus on the good….It made things so much better and today….came the good report–“Don’t worry! Be Happy!!

    P Nancy

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