1. Realize that rejection is just a person’s opinion.

You must be able to accept another person’s opinion as nothing more than opinion…not as a fact. In the big picture, you are who God says you are…but in the reality that you manifest every day, you are who you say you are! It’s your opinion of yourself that will ultimately win out in the long run. In that sense, no one else’s even matters.

2. Recognize your good qualities.

You should focus on your good qualities and strengths as an individual. Having an honest estimation of yourself depends on embracing the positives, as well as admitting the negatives (or the perceived negatives). Believe in yourself, and others will believe in you. Respect yourself, and others will respect you. Accentuate your good qualities, and others will inadvertantly overlook your flaws.

3. Refuse to be overcome by false feelings of rejection.

You have a choice. You can see rejection as an opportunity to grow and to better yourself…or you can allow it to consume you. Accept that you are capable of change if and when change is needed, but also realize that in many cases, rejection is just the result of another person’s inablity to change. The flaw is with them, not with you.  Remember that, in a very real sense, you are what you feel, and feelings, in most if not all cases, eventually become reality.

4. Receive counseling, if necessary.

Analysis, introspection, self-help, 12 Step Programs…do whatever works for you, especially if the rejection that you’ve experienced is extreme. Just remember that, at the end of the day, with God’s help you are your own best counselor.

5. Reap your harvest of love without apprehension.

If you sow seeds of love, instead of obsessing over the one or ones who rejected you, you can expect to reap love from unexpected places. The more love you give, the more love you receive. The more thoughts, words, and vibrations of love you send out into the universe, the more love you attract to yourself.

6. Remember that Jesus is a faithful High Priest, who not only experienced rejection, but also set the example of how to overcome it.

Follow His pattern and proto-type of self-respect, and ability to understand and utilize His own gifts, and you will become more positively effective.

7. Reach out, regardless of your fear of possible rejection in the future.

There is no fear in love, and love never fails! Instead of wasting your time in regret or self-pity, get busy today moving toward better relationships. A good word brings a good word…a smile brings a smile…being proactive in dealing with rejection is the only way to overcome it.


  1. Excellent points made on rejection, Bishop. Oftentimes, some people who FREQUENTLY face rejection may not recognize that when they dwell in self-hatred and loathing, they are pushing others away. No matter how much we may try to reaffirm them and make them feel good about themselves, if it is not coming from the INSIDE OUT and they have no love for self, they are unable to properly receive and recognize the real love of God. It can be like pouring water into a bucket that has a hole in it; no matter how much we pour, it will all leak out and none will be contained.

    Rejection is not always a “heart issue”, but sometimes a “head issue”. Whatsoever a person thinks or perceives of himself / herself, these things are sent out of their spirits for others to pick up on. And I find it very difficult to remain in relationship with those who hate themselves. When they hate themselves, they believe that everyone else hates them, even if this is not the case. The continue to project their “head issues” onto everyone else around them, which can become completely EXHAUSTING to everyone they are in relationship with. A true case of absolute DENIAL, which is utter disaster in the making… Self-Sabotage, if you will. It is not the truth that makes one free, but the Truth that we learn, grasp hold of, acknowledge, and be willing to accept is what brings about freedom and liberty.

    I thank God for my elders, namely my Dad, uncle, aunt, and Grandmother, who all had a healthy and realistic sense of self. They always said that it is not what someone else calls you or says about you that defines who you are, it is what you answer to and what you call and say about yourself is what YOUR TRUTH is. I was taught that if someone else does not accept me for who I am, then it is NOT MY PROBLEM, it is their issue. So, it is extremely important to go to places and embrace people who CELEBRATE ME, not those who just tolerate me. It begins with Self-Perception, Healthy Self-Perception. Even for those who were not validated or affirmed as children or adults, this is where DEVELOPING RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with GOD plays a crucial part. Only when they begin to see themselves through the eyes of GOD will they become Liberated and Set Free in the Holy Ghost. When we stand in Right Relationship with God, this empowers us to be in Right Relationship with Ourselves, and when we have a healthy relationship with ourselves and do not seek everyone else’s approval, this brings about refreshing freedom which enables us to develop healthy relationship with others where we are not bound by what they think or don’t think, nor having to walk on egg shells to prevent from further shattering the “victim mentality”. When one does not feel good about themselves, then nothing that anyone else does can fix the problem because even when we placate the symptoms, the root cause of infection is still there, so it will cause everyone else to be drained

    Joyce Meyer says we can either be Pitiful or we can be POWERFUL, but we cannot be both so we need to choose which side of the fence we are going to stand on. Love covers a multitude of sins and perceived rejection can sometimes mean that God is severing those unfruitful ties that will keep us bound, preventing our growth in Him and our progression towards those things and places that He desires to take us. Jesus said that when he and we are not received in a place when you come in love and truth, just kick the dust off the bottom of our shoes in that place and Move Forward to the next place, for no more miracles could be done there. Amen. Some rejection can be the best thing in the world for us, if it is viewed from the right perspective. Those who desire to be A friend to all the world is not a Loyal Friend to anyone, for they are always willing to compromise themselves for and to whatever happens to make them feel good about themselves more at that particular time.

  2. Hi Bishop,

    I see you made the Life Skills Blog!!(yeah) I was in the ITB when you talked about Rejection, but serving in AdventureLand. I did buy the DVD. Can’t tell you how much your words helped me. Personally, I need to hear more of this. Long story short I faced rejection last year. When you said you were going to do LifeSkills on Weds. I was so excited. Actually, if I was in the sanctuary when you taught on this…you would of seen me crying like a baby. (smile)

    God knows my heart. During the week of Prayer..Friday, when you layed hands on us. God told me how pleased he was of me..and called me beautiful daughter. Can’t even express what I felt…(Whole, accepted, loved, encouraged..and definitely not FATHERLESS)

    Thank you so much!! A million thank you’s.

    Peace, Love & Dream Big,

    PS.–Title of the service was: 7 Steps to Overcoming Rejection

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